Tuesday, 28 January 2014


This is symmetrical,if you draw a line down the middle, it is the same on both sides. It is symmetrical because the layout is similar on both sides.

This is asymmetrical balance because the man is close up whereas smaller items are further away and also the layout is different on both sides.

This is asymmetrical by colour because one side of the picture is light and the other side is dark and hidden.

This photo is asymmetrical by value because the front is very dark and whereas the back is slightly lighter.

This is asymmetrical by shape because the front is very close to the the camera but the moon in the background caught my attention more as it is more interesting and larger.

This is asymmetrical by texture because there is a lot of detail in the dress, but the background is very plain.
This is asymmetrical by eye direction because the main feature is the eyes that are looking straight at you  
This is radial balance because the picture radiates out from the centre and all the titles are around her head.

This is asymmetrical by position because the main point of the front cover is Jennifer Aniston and she is positioned slightly to the side but she is also revealing what is to the sides, such as the bed.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Magazine Covers

This magazine is aimed mainly at older kids and men who can and like to read about football. You can tell this as the front cover is packed full of whats inside and it reveals there is many interviews and things to read. The front cover is very bland and basic but the most important things are highlighted and are bright.

The main focus of this front cover is either the highlighted text which reveals whats inside the magazine, or the photo of the player which can also reveal the main page in and what it is about.

This magazine is aimed at mainly woman or men that are slightly feminem and  have an interest in fashion and what is stereotyped as woman stuff. You can tell this because the whole front cover is covered in woman and there stories, e.g the two girls in the top corner.

The main focus of the front cover is Katie Price and her story as it is most likely to sell because people would want to read her story. The font is very big and bold and the more important words and sentences are highlighted as they are reasons they sell.

This magazine is aimed at men or women who are healthy or would like to get healthy and have the 'perfect' body. You can tell this by the way the front cover is advertising a guide to get abs and they are advertising a male with a healthy and well shaped body. The front cover is covered in body tips.

The main focus of the front cover is the male, it is this because it is trying to point out that if you do what the magazine says then your body will look like, which is a lie, you can do other things too.

This magazine is aimed at anyone who is rich and posh or who enjoy reading about millionaires luxuries. You can tell this by the big bold writing saying billionaires and above naming the man and and revealing his story is inside the magazine.

The main focus of the front cover is the big bold white font which says billionaires, this reveals that the whole magazine is about billionaires and potentially their story.

This magazine is aimed at mainly girls who like to read tips on how to improve there lives and how to get fit and have sex tips. You can tell this by all the little headlines around the front cover such as '50 sex tips' which is trying to help girls, and this is why girls buy it because it does help them.

The main focus of the front cover is the background picture of Selena Gomez, the pictures connotes that if you look after yourself and remain healthy you can look as good as her.