Wednesday, 25 September 2013

                  Induction 3:Justification for TV logo

My TV programme logo is about a boy that gets excluded and will do anything to get in to that GCSE exam hall and get his results. The setting is a small school which has its problems and has resulted kicking out all the worst students. The main characters are the head teacher and the boy called Mitchell, the other characters include other teachers, Mitchell's friends, families and enemies. The storyline could involve the scene he got kicked out for, his home life, going out life and how he is going to get in to the exam hall and achieve respectable results. I am happy that i have been able to insert pictures into thinking bubbles adding to the effect, i did this by using the magic wand tool. If i had payed a little more attention to detail it would have been a good piece of work i think. I chose the background because he is a troubled kid and the night effect adds he is a rebel that stays out late.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

photoshop homework

Rounded edges
  • Double the background (image) layer.
  • Select the background layer and fill with white (or black or whatever color you want to appear as the frame for the image).
  • Select the Shape tool on the Toolbar.  Click on it to get up different shapes.  select the rounded corner rectangle tool.  the 
  • Draw your frame over the image. Move it with the Move tool.
  • Drag the second  image layer over the shape layer. Alt+click on the image layer to create a clipping mask and apply the frame

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

connotation and denotation homework

Number of the Beast  The denotation is that it is very bright it has a red man holding a big fork, it also has iron maiden in big writing, a man with long that is quite large.
The connotation is that the devil and someone are dancing on fire having fun cause they have maybe done something evil. They are evil and smerking trying to look scary.

Born in the USAThe denotation is a stripy background and a man with a hat in the back pocket of his blue jeans.
Connotation is the man that looks like a normal man is standing admiring the american flag.

The denotation is that a womans bum is half in the picture and a hand with a leather glove is touching it.
Connotation is that she might be holding her bum because she is cold or she is trying to hide something.

The denotation is that there are 4 men with long hair standing in front of a black screen with gothic writing.

Connotation is that the 4 men are rockers and have long greasy hair as that is what most men have when they play in the rock genre of music.

The denotation is a black background with a grey/brown image in the middle.

Connotation is that it is hills or sand in the middle to suggest the people that made it come from a hot country.

The denotation is that two males are shaking hands and one is covered in flames in an empty town.

The connotation is that the publishers wanted to get across the fact they want everyone to be civilized and help people out.

The denotation is that there are 2 people leaning on a wall or stone and two standing on rocks. The weather is not brilliant.

The connotation is that the four people could be a family and are on holiday and are not having fun because of the weather.

The denotation is that there is a pink background with diagonal lines, and pink writing.

The connotation is that the image is a bit of an illusion.

The denotation is that 5 men and a lady, the men are wearing suits and the lady is wearing a dress. They are in front of a black and white background.

The connotation is that the four men are mature and the lady is in charge due to the fact shes standing in front of them.

The denotation is there is a dark skinned man with a light being shined on him, the background is black.

Connotation is that the man is trying to put across the image that he is hard by the facial expressions.

Monday, 9 September 2013

induction part1

Friday, 6 September 2013


I think this is a good logo because it shows that the school is disorganized and they have no control over the students. All the tables are crocked and in a dark room but the tables are lit up. it appeals to the audience that it is messy and busy class room.

The cast are all sitting together with not very tidy uniform, they are really scruffy and this sums up the school. The wall behind is full of graffiti and is chavy. They all have different uniform and don't wear correct uniform.

The program is put on television at eight o'clock because young children are usually asleep and it has bad language and inappropriate scene's.I think it is on thursdays because it is late in the week and people go to school on thursdays so they are trying to make it real as possible.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

From what i can see Waterloo road is a school where the pupils do not were uniform, all crowd up in the playground, smash windows with hockey sticks, do spice girl dances in the playground and argue. The teachers dont look smart and they have a fag break in the playground...

The connotation of that is that the teachers dont really care about their jobs and are more interested in the pub then the pupils. The pupils are chavs and act as though they are gangsters.

overall the school is very chavy and probably one of the worst schools in the borough.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

media homework

On friday i woke up, no thanks to my alarm on my SMART PHONE. I then checked my TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. On the way to school i listened to the RADIO on my SMART PHONE.  In school i checked INSTAGRAM and TWITTER several times in that day. When i got home i watched the TV and played my PS3 all night, constantly checking my SMART PHONE.

In the morning i read the NEWSPAPER and then watched SOCCER AM on my TV. That got boring so i used listened to MUSIC on my IPOD. Around lunch time i watched YOUTUBE videos. I went out with my mates and was using my SMART PHONE to TEXT, TWEET, POST and READ. When i got back i watched MOTD on my TV.

On sunday morning i was woke up by my SMART PHONE ALARM. On the way to rugby i listened to the RADIO. I then watched myself playing rugby on a COMPUTER. When i got back i was on my SMART PHONE CALLING my friends. In the evening i watched TV and used the COMPUTER to do my MEDIA homework.