Friday, 19 September 2014

Evaluation Of Album Cover

1. What have you learnt about conventions and gender representations from your research?                (Illustrate where you have used them etc)
I have learnt what conventions are, they are something that you find on every single album cover. For example on the front cover i have used, the album title, artist name, clear genre, and gender representation which is used on all albums. On the back cover there should be links to the front, clear genre, bar code, production credits and record company logo, all of which i have used. Gender representations are certain details such as clothing, colour, accessories, etc that will enable you to tell the difference and identify which gender it is aimed at. I have used accessories such as jewelry which is blinged out to emphasise the male gender and rap genre.

2. What did you plan to do & Why?                (Use your drafts and sketches)
I originally planned to do an electric genre and a picture of a anonymous man striking the thunder but that planned out to be too hard. So i therefore planned a rap genre. A researched old scary places and found out about Hell Town and based it on that.
I also liked the idea of an anonymous man as they are the scariest mask as they are always smirking. I changed my idea to a man from the war in a gas mask and then change it to the rap genre i added a bit of bling.
This was originally the picture i was going to use but instead opted for a man in a gas mark because of the colour and style of clothing and the picture of the anonymous man was too hard to crop out the background perfectly, I then added speech bubbles so that it looks although he is dreaming which links to the title, dreamers disease, in the speech bubbles i have added money, cars and girls into the speech bubbles as they are all rap conventions.

3. Analysis of gender representations in your album cover using codes and signs. 
                (Include front & back cover)

To compare it to the rap genre i have added a lot of bling such as chains and a diamond watch to add the stereotype. The background is a dark area representing a hard and dark past, which most rappers claim to have. My rapper is also wearing a snap back which is notoriously worn by rappers such as 50 cent and is therefore stereotypically worn by rappers. Another rap genre is the dreams he is having, in the speech bubbles are what he is dreaming of which are money, cars and girls which are all typical rappers perks and rap video conventions.
 On the front cover the rapper is also wearing lots of bling and representing a rich surrounding, as most rappers do.

4. Discuss your skills development (Illustrate - Use print screens etc)
My skill development has included cropping out hard images. I cropped out a picture of a man in a war in the background with lots of bombs going off down to just the man wearing a gas mask. I then added jewellery to the man, I cropped the background out and angled the jewellery to the mans body parts to look legit. The reason I added bling was so that it fitted the Rap/Hip Hop genre. I then fitted the blinded up man to the background and using tools to help get the man behind the bar. I cropped out the Bar and then cut it and the placed the man behind the bar before placing the bar back. The text was the easiest bit as all I had to do was create a text box and then write what I wanted in the box, for example the title and artist. I also thought of the title dreamers disease because the gas mark could be a prevention from the disease and the rapper is dreaming of lots of things, like cars money girls etc.

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