Wednesday, 25 September 2013

                  Induction 3:Justification for TV logo

My TV programme logo is about a boy that gets excluded and will do anything to get in to that GCSE exam hall and get his results. The setting is a small school which has its problems and has resulted kicking out all the worst students. The main characters are the head teacher and the boy called Mitchell, the other characters include other teachers, Mitchell's friends, families and enemies. The storyline could involve the scene he got kicked out for, his home life, going out life and how he is going to get in to the exam hall and achieve respectable results. I am happy that i have been able to insert pictures into thinking bubbles adding to the effect, i did this by using the magic wand tool. If i had payed a little more attention to detail it would have been a good piece of work i think. I chose the background because he is a troubled kid and the night effect adds he is a rebel that stays out late.


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  2. LOGO: C3 - Your logo is sound, and shows a sound level of creativity. Your idea is very good, and with a developed PS skill level could be very good.
    T: Develop your PS skills by using tutorials and uploading work to the blog.

    EVAL: C3 - Your evaluation is short but offers a sound evaluation. With more detail your grade may well have been higher.
    T: Add detail to your points to aid in your explanation.