Sunday, 1 September 2013

media homework

On friday i woke up, no thanks to my alarm on my SMART PHONE. I then checked my TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. On the way to school i listened to the RADIO on my SMART PHONE.  In school i checked INSTAGRAM and TWITTER several times in that day. When i got home i watched the TV and played my PS3 all night, constantly checking my SMART PHONE.

In the morning i read the NEWSPAPER and then watched SOCCER AM on my TV. That got boring so i used listened to MUSIC on my IPOD. Around lunch time i watched YOUTUBE videos. I went out with my mates and was using my SMART PHONE to TEXT, TWEET, POST and READ. When i got back i watched MOTD on my TV.

On sunday morning i was woke up by my SMART PHONE ALARM. On the way to rugby i listened to the RADIO. I then watched myself playing rugby on a COMPUTER. When i got back i was on my SMART PHONE CALLING my friends. In the evening i watched TV and used the COMPUTER to do my MEDIA homework.

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  1. Really good work Joe, good detail and you have picked out all the media products that you have used.

    perhaps add more on why you use them....