Sunday, 13 October 2013

Media presentation

My presentation was full of detail, pictures and explanations. The pictures were used as evidence to go towards our facts. for example one of the questions was about P!NK therefore we put the picture as P!NK.
It was well presented and included the words denonation and connotation which we was learning about, it also opened another door for us to include more detail and information.
Each slide was spoke and written by one of us in our own words and our own opinions, the presentation used a few opinions.

My presentation may have had lots of facts and detail but it was not fun and the audience found it boring. Therefore lost interest and did not enjoy it.
The pictures on each slide were not dedicated to the question, they were just random pictures from the video.
My language in the presentation was not varied nor related to media as much as it could have been, the language was repetitive.

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