Sunday, 20 October 2013

Representation homework 2

In many rap videos women have no identity except as sexual playthings and "eye candy"
I agree with this statement because in many videos such as wrecking ball, Gold Digger by Kanye West and Blurred Lines most of the girls are in the video because they look "sexy" and attract young men therefore they are seen as eye candy. Furthermore this will imply to young men that girls are just sex toys. Also having girls in videos doing sexual things and seducing the men will be influenced on the younger generation, this is already happening when Miley Cyrus and Rihanna started to twerk (shake their bum in a sexual way) many young girls are now starting to twerk and it is now seen as normal, because a famous person has done it everyone is starting to do it. However this is not normal for an 11 year old girl to do because most girls should become such at a reasonable age such as 18.

'These images do provide pleasures to some viewers. But the concern is that men may internalise the notion that women are nothing more than sexual objects waiting to be used.'

I agree that the women in the videos give pleasures to some viewers - these are negative images probably being viewed by secondary school students. Therefore this links to that women are nothing but sexual objects waiting to be used because a virgin would think that all girls are like these women and would throw their body around you. Therefore an image is created and it could be stereotypical that women should have a perfect body, good looking and is pretty much a man's sex object. In this day and age the concern is that the videos become pornographic and that young children between 7-10 are learning about sex too quickly and seeing things they should not see. Therefore as the videos get worse by 2018 the representation for women would become different from when MC Hammer had video girls. They used to be classy and elegant and now you could call them not classy, fake and flash their body for money. This is all influenced by the Media and most children these days are surrounded by Media. There's the Nuts Magazines where young children can see, Music videos are easily accessible on YouTube, there would be no stopping these younger teens and children perceiving the negative approach/representation because the videos are becoming worse and worse.

These sorts of images are not unique to hip hop. Objectified female bodies are everywhere. They appear throughout our culture in films, advertisements, television programmes etc. However, within music videos, this is virtually the ONLY vision of women available.'
I disagree that these sort of images are not unique to hip hop because in the film Horrible Bosses, Jennifer
Aniston in the film plays a part that is very sexual towards men, her movement is seductive and provocative and this film was a 12 rating. Therefore many young children would be able to see what a stereotypical women is now. In the new Gilette advert there are two women in small clothing giving another stereotypical and negative representation towards women. In the programme Geordie Shore the girls are always wanting to pull men and have sex with them, this will tell the younger audience that girls just want to have sex and that to men they are just objects. This shows many different ways where young men can see what women are now represented as. And sexy, good looking women are now the only vision in Men's music videos because sex sells. And the more money the artists make the more girls they will use therefore Hip Hop Honey's will become worse over time till there will be action taken but there is none at the moment.
Will it be to late for when the children become influenced by the negative representation of women and how they should be treated and used?



What you have here is good and you have responded well to the question. You have used examples and 

some terminology. 

T: What you must do now is develop your points and fully explain them using multiple specific examples. Pick out some of the way the videos you have used for evidence backs up your point.

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